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Welcome to VetsSavePets.com.
We are a vet sponsored website, focused on finding good homes for pets. We also provide advertising for businesses and pet related services that stand with us for the humane treatment of animals.
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Vote weekly for the pet you like best. Votes and donations from pet lovers like you greatly impact our needy shelters and adoption agencies.

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Lost, found, and adoptable pets are being added daily. Visit your local map often.

Do you know someone that lost or found a pet ? Tell them to post on our local Lost and Found section.

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News - Vets Save Pets

It's all about the pets!

New pets and pet services are being added everyday. If there are no pets being listed in your local area, take some time to let your local pet shelter or pet adoption agency know about VetsSavePets.com so they too can take advantage of our free service.

How are we different? We feel we can best help pets by promoting and helping their shelters and adoption agencies. Instead of just a list of pets, you will find a list of shelters, adoption agencies and other pet services on this site.

If you are on this page you probably already know that there is a huge overpopulation of pets, and a lot of these animals are put down each month. With your help we can make a dramatic difference for these homeless pets.

How can I help?

1) List - If your pet has unexpected young, or you can no longer care for your pet, please use our site to list your pet before placing more burden on a pet shelter. Our service can help you find a willing owner directly, and if you wish, you can add the cost of the listing to the sale price of your pet.

2) Adopt - If you want to provide a good home to a lovable pet, help out your local shelter or adoption agency by adopting one of their pets. If you do not have time to give a pet the care it deserves, but you still want to help, you can Virtually Adopt local pets on VetsSavePets.com

3) Inform - Let friends, family, shelters, adoption agencies and everyone else know about VetsSavePets.com. Tell friends with pets to consider spaying or neutering their animal to help limit the number of animals that have to be put down.

4) Donate - Your donations help us help shelters and adoption agencies as well as VetsSavePets programs, outreach, and disaster relief.

Be Involved

Wear a VetsSavePets.com T-Shirt or Hat, Shop at a national and local businesses listed on the site.

Stop back weekly and cast another vote in the pet competition below.

Personalize the site by adding your pets picture to our pet pride program. Wag a pet to help it stay active.

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Need more help?

Links to several support options are available on the footer of each page. Use the Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ ), or the VSP Forum for community based help. If none of that helps you can e-mail support using the Contact link. You can also click the question mark icon on any page for helpful tips about that page.

Disaster Relief

If you run a pet adoption agency or shelter and have suffered a disaster in your area, VetsSavePets.com wants to know so we can direct aid to you from our visitors. Please send any disaster relief requests to Disaster Relief.

Please include your business address, the location of the disaster, the type of disaster, and a list of things you believe you need. Example: Water, Cat Food, Volunteers, and Foster Pet Homes. After we evaluate and approve your request we will list you on our blog and other designated areas of the site.